iGeolise History

About Us

iGeolise provide software to consumer-facing websites and location based decision makers. Our motto is that minutes mean more than miles. No one in our office has ever made the excuse that they’re ‘running 2 miles late’ and we bet that you haven’t either. Our aim is to make locations relevant by using time. Learn more about how it all began with the iGeolise history class below.

We have two core products. The TravelTime platform is our consumer-facing API that boosts conversions by listing the most relevant location search results. MinuteMapr is a business analysis tool used by HR professionals and other location specialists. It helps them understand the context of a location based decision using minutes not miles.

It’s in the past

You can get a good picture of everything we got up to in the early days in the timeline below. If you’re looking for more current information on iGeolise make sure you check out our blog here.

iGeolise history in a nutshell

Peter and Charlie began iGeolise from Peter’s attic in 2009. It was around this time that they invented the Cat5 cable washing line – it’s a great idea that we’re waiting to take the world by storm.. The following year they entered the SetSquared incubation program and left the washing line behind in favour of office space. This was when TravelTime transformed from being a stand alone app to the API software that clients use today.

With the help of several angels, iGeolise has grown bigger and bigger. Their initial cash injection meant that Peter & Charlie’s vision became a reality. Since then lots of cool new features have been added and awards have been won. iGeolise software is now available in many places across the world from Thailand to San Francisco.