Wired’s editor David Rowen got us talking during the opening remarks at Wired 2016. So I turned to the person next to me, said hello and started to understand the great work the person next to me did. It was brilliant being able to say more than ‘excuse me’ whilst trying really hard not to trip over their bag. David Rowen’s main reason for the short interlude had great intentions too – because maybe, just maybe it could be the person you never knew you needed to meet. In this fantasy, we both wander off and start our journey to becoming tomorrow’s front page of Wired.

A girl can dream.

The reality is, with 500 people expected each day, the likelihood of finding your better-tech-half is slim. So how do we make sure that we find the next Larry Page to your Sergey Brin?


  • There are 3 breaks at the event
  • 2 hours total networking (assuming you spend day one drinks getting to know the your perfect tech partner over a beer)
  • If you become a networking superstar and spend just 10 minutes in a chat with someone at the event you’d get to know 12 people
  • In reality, you’d have to meet an average of 4-5 people a minute to find your disruptor soulmate

We hate cheesy networking!

Not sure about you, but nothing makes us roll our eyes more than when events force networking on their delegates. Speed dating was disrupted by online dating for a reason – we don’t want to spend our time with nine people we don’t fancy to find the one we do. We love that Wired didn’t try this. This type of thing forces people to spout unnecessary elevator pitches to people that just don’t care!


What we need is to be able to stand on our seats in the main stage area and yell ‘Who wants to disrupt mobile location search?’ or ‘who here loves location data like I do?’ Rest easy event organisers, I won’t be doing this. Luckily we have Twitter instead.

Our dream disruptor soulmate is… 

Are you looking to disrupt how people search for locations online, whether that be in accommodation search or property search, we want to chat and hear your story. Come say hi (we’re in the Accenture Lounge in the corner), or tweet us @igeolise or email me Louisa @ igeolise.com


Over to you!  

Let’s find the person you most want to find this Wired event – tweet using the hashtag #mydisruptorsoulmate to find other like-minded wired attendees.


Let’s start disrupting at Wired 2016!