We got a phone call from the Technology Strategy Board;

TSB – ‘would iGeolise like to take a stand at the InnovateUK 2013 exhibition and conference that the TSB are running with UK Trade & Industry?’

Me – ‘Of course. Any particular reason you thought of us?’

TSB – ‘The exhibition is for innovative companies who’ve worked with either the TSB or UKTI. We think what you’re doing is pretty innovative, and you’ve worked with both organisations. Oh – and would you also like to talk about your experiences with both organisations?’

Me – ‘You charmer! We’re delighted!’

So, Tuesday 12th March dawned. There we were on our little stand at the Design Centre in Islington. Charlie, Nick and me. From 8.30 until 6.30, talking continually to a range of government folk, possible commercial contacts, and ‘generally interesting and intelligent people’. We even picked up one or two new uses for travel time – which always gives us a kick. Busy day. Who knew that just standing and talking could be so exhausting?

Next day I gave a 5 min elevator pitch to a breakfast meeting of about 60 handpicked investors. While I was impressed that so many people made it for 7.30 a.m., I’ve no illusions; the lure of egg and bacon rolls was a bigger draw than me. Later that day, I also had the opportunity to give a 12 min presentation in a SETsquared session themed ‘what the TSB and UKTI have done for me’.

I guess I could have saved everyone in that session 11 mins 55 secs by summarising it in 4 words; ‘Lots. And we’re grateful’.