In early December, we were invited to talk at a session that was part of the European Space Solutions conference held in Westminster. I think it was because we use lots of satellite-derived data in the Travel Time Platform; and following our good fortune in the European Satellite Navigation Competition, we’ve started building some awareness within that community.

One quote in particular stuck in my mind. Ed Parsons, Google’s geospatial technologist stood on the main stage and said ‘1 in 3 Google searches is location specific’.

Now I’d previously read a whole range of stats on the subject – generally that between 20% and 40% of searches were location based …rising to over 50% when searching from a mobile device.

But it’s another thing to hear it with my own ears, stated by someone with Ed’s stature in the business.

And it reinforces exactly why we think travel time matters.

When you make a location specific search request on Google, virtually all the websites they send you to will allow you to search through their results using those pesky ‘within X miles’ filters…distance. Clearly they think their audience is going to travel to the result – the shop / event / restaurant etc.  If not, distance wouldn’t matter. And if their audience is going to travel, then ‘minutes mean more than miles’.

1/3rd of all searches. Now that’s a RBN* And that’s why we think Travel Time is important.


*Real Big Number 🙂